November 07, 2012

turkey cookies, coffee, & peace

Good morning lovely people!  I hope this morning finds you all well; I'm sure some are disgruntled, because alas it is impossible to please everyone, but such is life.  I'm writing this Tuesday night, while the election results are pouring in, not yet knowing who won the election.  I just hope that no matter what, good talks over coffee and turkey cookies may be had, and we live at peace with one another. 

I'm not one to stay up and find out the results; sleep is becoming so much more cherished as I age, and my eyes are drooping as I type.  I'll find out in the morning! Oh, the suspense! I remember these nights as a child, I would go to bed so worried, waking up to ask my parents our fate, haha!


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  1. Looks like a Panera lunch...I'm impressed, Sarah! :D


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