November 17, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Good morning!  It's been a while since my last insta~love dump. :)  I don't always take a lot of instagram photos, but they're fun every once in a while.  It'd probably be more fun if I had a better phone, but eh, whatever!  Here are my latest photos!
1.  Sunset at a small disc golf course.
2.  Me on my lunch break, sitting in my truck.
3.  Mike and I on the disc golf course!
4.  My super sweet lunch box from Threadless.
5.  Current read.
6.  Pretty sky while on lunch break.

7.  Someone painted a bunch of tree roots along a path at a disc golf course bright green...weird.
8.  The garlic I buried to keep vampires and werewolves away from our new house is growing!

As you're reading this, I'm most likely sitting in a cafeteria, browsing through a magazine, chatting with folks, and visiting my long lost family!  Yup, I'm in a local craft show today! :)  should be a good time, and can't wait till afterwards so I can spend even more time with my peeps!

Happy Saturday!


  1. So exciting you're in a craft show! And where can we follow on instagram? I can't find a link! xo

    1. sorry! I still have yet to figure out how to link it up on here, but my user name is hippypete. :) the craft show was fun!

  2. What a treat to have our precious family together this past week! Craft shows are a great way to "hang out"...looking forward to another one this weekend with you! So why don't I ever think to take a picture when all of my kiddos are together?! Wonderful memories though! Feels like I've been "on holiday" all week! :D Love you to pieces, hippypete! Got your heart rock on my nightstand <3 :D

    1. it was great being with you all! I know, I totally forgot to take any pics of anyone! ah!!


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