November 08, 2012


YUP!  I went to IKEA again!!  haha! :)  So, I kinda like this place... and since Mike and I could not fit all the things we wanted in our tiny VW the first time around, we planned another trip.  This time we brought our truck, and everything fit beautifully.  Yeah, it takes a bit of planning, because it's two hours away, so it's not like we can just swing by too easily.  I came armed with a list, and got just about all we wanted.  They were out of a few things, such as....

...this towel bar.  I'd like to get two of them for our kitchen (even though they're meant for a bathroom); one to go on the lower cupboards of either side of our sink.  Currently, our towel holder is a good distance away, leaving us dripping over the floor to dry our hands.

This kitchen cart!  ah!  I was more bummed that they were out of this, because...look!  It's so cute!  They're going to have more come in soon, buuut, it's a bit too far away to swing by again so soon.  I think I might order it online though. ;)
RÅSKOG Kitchen cart IKEA
These next three photos go's a bar that you hang on the wall, attatch some hooks, and hang these buckets on the hooks, then proceed to throw whatever you want into them!  I'm going to hang them in my craft room once it's painted; not sure what exactly is going to go in them yet, but I'll find a purpose for them!
FINTORP Rail IKEA For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.FINTORP Cutlery caddy IKEA Multifunctional. Keeps kitchen utensils or herbs within easy reach. Can also be used for flowers.
We got this tv stand!  For the past six years we've been using a table I got at Wal-Mart while still living at home. :)  It's still a decent table, but this one looks so much more neat and tidy, hiding all of our ugly cords behind it.
BESTÅ BOÅS TV storage unit IKEA Drawers made partly of tempered glass; the remote control works through the glass.
This coffee table was only $20!  That'll do very nicely for now, until we finally make the one we're envisioning (which might be a while!).
 LACK Coffee table IKEA Separate shelf for storing magazines, etc. Keeps your things organized and the table top clear.
And Gwenivere, I blame you for this whole IKEA obsession, and my purchase of this bookshelf. :)  Ever since seeing one on her blog, I've wanted to get one to organize my craft room; I can't wait to put it together and get everything set up!  I must first paint the room though, ugh. :P  haha.
EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.
And there's what produced out of our second trip ever to IKEA!  (as usual, please click on the photo to be connected to the source.) We went with Mike's folks, and I they seemed to have a great time and think up some nice ideas for their home.  It seemingly takes more than one trip to this place; one to get ideas, and another to get all your loot once you've solidified those ideas.
Thank you, now I feel really greedy, and I think I need to stop spending money for a while.  A friend of mine did a fast from buying things for a bit, and perhaps I need to give that a go.
g'day, and have a Thursday!


  1. It's so totally worth it!!!!! But then you have to buy all the matching IKEA stuff too.... and pretty much Swedenize your house. At least, that's how it happened for me :)

    1. it is worth it; it's looking good in our new (to us!) house!

  2. IKEA is a dangerous beast...but also wonderful if you're looking for inspiration, a cheap shelf, or a long walk!

    1. it IS a long walk! I kept thinking we were almost done, only to round the corner to find more!


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