November 11, 2012

house-ventures~ bedroom before & after

Here's a little something Mike and I have been working on.  Our bedroom!  This is the before picture, actually from before we moved in. 
And after!  We painted the room, and took down those crazy curtains.  I made these black and white ones; noooot the best picture, but eh, you the the idea.  We wanted to go back to the way our first room was at our first apartment, which we got to paint a dark red.  This time we chose a more rusty red, and love it!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday; it's beautiful outside!  I've gone to church and planted some bulbs, and now I just need to pack my dinner before heading out to work.  Day off tomorrow; can't wait!!


  1. Awesome colour! I'm going to redo my room with easter and I can't wait! xo

    1. thanks! I just need to do my craft room now and we're done painting for a while. :P have fun!


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