November 16, 2012

diy~ heart rocks

press play, and enjoy... :)

Back in April, my friend and I made some of these rocks from this idea I found on Pinterest.  It's a super easy and fun project.  Find a bunch of rocks outside, bring them inside and paint hearts all over them, and then place them back outside where people will find them like on a hiking trail, in the cracks of sidewalks, on parking meters, etc.
Earth Day was the perfect opportunity to spread a little love, placing our pretty rocks around town on our walk to the theater to see Disney's Chimpanzee with our church after enjoying a picnic in the park.  It was exciting, because on our walk back to our car after the movie, all the rocks were gone!
I painted all of these rocks last night to sell at my craft show this weekend.  Today will be spent prepping for tomorrow; pricing items, making signage, and getting everything together for the morning!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. What a cute idea. Ian and I did something similar once. He had a huge bag of change that he was never going to roll or spend, so we made little stacks of change and left them lying around town. Then, we went back to see if they had disappeared, and they had!

    It was a silly little game, but it was fun nonetheless.

    Good luck at the craft fair. xx

    1. ha! that's cool! reminds me of those rock stacks (is there a name for those?); I love 'em. how fun would it be to find random stacks of coins?!

      thanks for the good luck wishes!

  2. Such a good idea! I'm definitely going to do this once, I would love to find one like this so I hope others will too :) xo

    1. It's fun to think about people's reactions when they find them, even though you'll never know. :) I like to think it'd make them happy though.

  3. So pretty! If my entire driveway could be covered with these it would be like a dream! <3

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog


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