November 09, 2012

disc golf love

When Mike and I have a day off together, it's a wonderful thing.  Anything can happen; it is what we make it to be, but one thing's for sure and that's a game of disc golf.  This particular day, it was between a few courses, and Mike let me choose.  I chose one that I hadn't played before, for something different and to see what it was like.  I tend to get a bit distracted between throws, taking pictures, and picking up interesting things I find along the way like rocks, feathers, and pine cones.
This really cool sign was at the beginning of the course, and I had Mike take my pic behind it when we were through.  It had tons of different kinds of bottle caps nailed to it to spell out love!  I love recycling! :)
These cool stone benches were just begging for a photo.  My man willingly sat as my model. :)
putting at one of the last baskets...

I don't remember the name of this course, but it was pretty nice.  Nothing too special, and not my favorite, but it was fun!  It was kind of more in the city than I like to be, with a lot of apartments and buildings around. 

Soon the snow will be here, and we'll still be out there!  Last year we trudged through a lot of snow to play disc golf... it's so much harder when you are worried about slipping and falling while throwing!  haha, but it's nice because no one else is out there!

What does Friday hold for all you lovely readers?  This girl's workin' like a dog through the weekend; can't wait for Monday so I get a day off!


  1. Story is nice, not much into disc golf, but missed what you were wearing ;o) But I really just noticed the cursor fairy! Has that been there all along and I just noticed it today? Hmmmm.

    1. haha! no outfit post today; I'll have one soon though! and the fairy is new, I just figured out how to put it on. :)


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