November 12, 2012

all stouts day~ :)

My favorite brew pub is our local hangout here in K-zoo~  Bell's.  Just last week, they had a sort of holiday, called "All Stouts Day," meaning all they had on tap were stouts; tons and tons of glorious stouts.  We went with a our friends Hannah and Steve, and enjoyed good company, good brews, some food, and nuts.  I wish I would've been more hungry so I could've gotten dinner because there were some tasty sounding things on the menu that I would've liked to have tried, but Mike and I both snacked too much before going so we weren't hungry.  Vegetarian meatloaf?  Beer cheese soup?  I'll take both... :)  maybe they'll still have them the next time we go.

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For beer I ended up getting the Black Velvet to start out, which is a mix of 1/3 champagne with 2/3 of whatever stout you wanted.  I was a little thrown off because I didn't know I had to choose the stout, so I kind of let them give me whatever...I'm not sure what I ended up with, I think it was the Kalamazoo Stout.  Anyway, it was good!  Sounds like a strange combo, but it wasn't really; just smooth and tasty.  For my second beer I chose the Sweet Potato stout, which was delicious.  It had a great spiciness to it.  I don't like beers that have too much froth or or air in them, and these were just right.

What would you have chosen from this list?  Are you a beer drinker, or a wine-o?  maybe neither?  I'm trying to get into tea lately...but that's off subject; sort of... :)

Today I won't punch the clock' instead I'll be spending my time at home preparing for the art show I'm in this weekend!


  1. Hey! I went there a long time ago, back in the early 90's when it was the Kalamazoo Brewing Company. I used to live in St. Joseph, MI but moved back to the south after 1994.

    I still LOVE the beers out of Bell's Brewing, especially the stouts!

    I would love to get back up to MI sometime and check out all the old stomping grounds, used to visit Holland, MI a lot too.

    1. Oh that's awesome! Two Hearted is my Bell's favorite; can you get Bell's where you are?

      St. Joseph is a cool place with a ton of wineries; love it! oh, and my hubby has a ton of relatives in Holland. :) The peanut store is my fav.

    2. Yes we do get Bell's, I'm down in ATL GA and the Double Cream Stout has to be my fav. Another that I just tried was the Hell Hath no Fury Ale, love the higher gravity beers!

      The first year we lived just off Lake Michigan in an apartment, we could see the lake from our bedroom window. We used to always go to the Lemon Creek Winery, they had a really cool party on Father's Day weekend with the local Corvette club and a band. When you get snowed on for 3 months you really appreciate the warmer times of the year.


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