October 30, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ mostly thrifted warm things

That's what I'm thinking as I'm writing this, because Nuke's laying on his bed by the couch I'm sitting on, snoring away.  I think he has sinus problems.  Probably from all the silly breeding humans do to make dogs the way we want them; he's a pit bull mix, with such a short stubby nose and tons of extra skin on his cheeks.  Poor fella's messed up.  He seriously is the loudest snorer in the house.
While I'm talking about my pets, I just need to tell you this, because it's so funny!  When Mike and I use the restroom here at home, we leave the door open because it's just us here, and lately every time one of us is in there, Yoda (my little black and white kitty) comes racing in and wants to be pet!  I love it.  I look forward to it every time.  Sometimes she'll run in, then quick turn around to make sure the dog didn't follow her. :) 

I got this sweater while thrifting a few days ago to do this project with from Lauren's blog from The Perfect Pear.  As you can see, I haven't done it yet, and kind of like it just like this!  ...but I'll probably still give it a shot.  eventually.  Her's turned out so cute!  I'm just kind of lazy, and it's cold.

so this scarf is so short that tying it basically chokes you, so I grabbed a hair clip to hold it together; classy.  Oh yeah, and I definitely am wearing jeans under a skirt.

Hope ya have a pleasant toosdee.  I'm gonna miss my show tonight, but I'll just watch it on the scary internets later.  (I'm hoping you read that in an old Irish man's voice, because that's how I wrote it... no?  ok, go back and read it again, then have a good day.)


thanks for the comments; I love hearing from you!