October 22, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ birds & stars

This is what I wore around the house one day.  It was a fun outfit!  I think I ended up painting in it, which was probably not a good idea, but I stayed clean, haha!  I've named these boots my backyard boots; I wear them just about every time I go out there with our dog because it's usually damp or the grass is in need of cutting or something, plus all I need to do is just literally drop my foot in and I'm good to go.  No tying or buckles necessary.
As I recall, it was quite a chilly day, so I ended up layer quite a bit.  I wore a skirt under my dress, along with a thermal and a sweater, leggings, and knee high socks.  The scarf was only worn outdoors, not all day.  We've been a bit of cheapskates and haven't turn our heat on until just last night.  Up until now it's been about 53 degrees F in here, ha!  Layer up, my friend!
My parents get a laugh out of it, because growing up they kept it quite chilly in the house in order to save on the heating bill.  I would complain, and get told to put a sweater on.  When I already had one on, it's put another one on! :)  Well, now I own my own home, and I completely understand; they're the ones cold when they come over now!

On a side note: any of you bloggers who can help a fella out, would be much appreciated....this has been driving me nuts for the past while, and I can't figure it out....

so when you leave a comment (I love comments!) and I reply back, I'm pretty sure you have no idea that I've responded, right?  I'd love to set my blog up so we can have conversations through commenting, but I don't know how to go about it...I feel rude knowing that you probably don't know when I've replied to your comments (which I try to reply to them all!) and I want y'all to know I care!

Ok, that's all. :)  thanks guys.  Have a good day!!  I'm going to go have some breakfast and try to be productive before going to work.


  1. Brrrr, girl! You JUST turned your heat on?! I may have to cozy up w/ Nuke when we come over! :/


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