October 06, 2012


Here are some photos from the weddings we attended the past two weekends with our friends Hannah and Steve.  The first one was held on a farm and was so beautiful.  The sky held back its tears enough for us to stay dry, and we had fun playing with the animals afterwards. :)
The second wedding was downtown Kzoo on the "Sky Deck," a bar on a rooftop!  I'd never been up there before, and it was neat being up so high!  What a beautiful day for it too!  It was six stories up, and when we walked in there was a pretty sizable line for the elevator, so we took the stairs instead.  Whew!  What a hike!  We made it though, and it was fun being adventurous in our fancy clothes; goodness knows I needed the exercise.
There were doughnuts instead of cake!
Here's a bit of what took place at table 14.
Lots and lots of dancing and fun times were had by all. :)
I've been on a crazy streak of having things going on on my weekends, and it's not over yet!  Last night was a super fun time with my man (which you'll hear about later), and next weekend I have something so exciting going on I might just explode!  I'm not sure I can handle it!  I will be sure to fill you in afterwards!  *hint*  it involves a small road trip and music.
Hope you all are having a good weekend so far!  What are you up to this gloomy day?

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  1. I'm at work! haha. I like going to weddings and seeing all the fun decor and what songs they picked...I love to see how people personalize their weddings, plus I love getting dressed up and dancing, so really..what's not to like?


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