October 17, 2012

road trip to heavenly melodies

(...please turn up your volume, press play, and enjoy this bit of sweetness in your ears while you read...)


ehem. excuse me, I'm a little excited, as I'm sure you were too when you saw the above sign, if you're a Regina Spektor fan like myself. THIS, is what we did this past weekend! :) I'm smiling just thinking about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mike's cousin Sarah for letting me in on the fact that she was going to be in my state; I most likely wouldn't have checked or known that she was in the area, and would've missed out on seeing and hearing this lovely angel of a woman. Seriously, she's amazing. I mean, how cute is this lady?? Check out the photo below from her Facebook page, taken in Detroit while she was here.

image source

This was the perfect occasion to wear my new fancy dress from ModCloth to for the first time. I'm not sure really why I bought it other than the fact that it's super cute and it was a good deal...I won't have much to wear it to, and I can't wear it weddings because it's white.

(I didn't wear this dress while traveling, that would've been silly; we stopped at our hotel before the show and quickly got ready before going.)

I was pretty bummed that the venue wouldn't allow our camera inside...we have a pretty nice camera, so it's considered "professional," and therefore not let in. boo. Sooo, it was crappy camera photos for me all night. :( Oh, and I finally got my mace taken away after having it on my keys for...7 years?! I even thought about it before hand, thinking, "oh, maybe I should leave this behind, they might not like it if I take it in" but then I thought, "uh, I'm in Detroit, I might need this!" so I kept it in my purse...which got searched...and taken away.

and, could it be...Regina's tour bus?!?!

quick pics of my outfit in the parking garage before walking to the concert (hmm, guess these aren't really in order, huh? oh well.).

so these are the photos I got of her...not great, but not terrible I guess. You can sort of tell that it's her! All in all, it was a great show. I'm so glad we got to see her again! (the first time was at Bonnaroo, which was cool, but not so pleasant in the 100 degree weather with a bunch of hippies.)

Regina played mostly new songs, and then did four of her old ones in an encore performance! love!  Do you ever wish you could be friends with your favorite artists?  I mean, me and Regina?  We'd be best friends. :)


  1. It made me smile knowing you got to go hear Regina! :D I like her style...unique! And I LOVE your outfit! YOU are beautiful, Sarah! We'll have to have "tea" so you can wear your dress again soon! That mint/white chocolate tea is delish!

    1. thanks Mom! We will have to have tea soon. glad you like it!

  2. Ahhh I'm jealous. I actually saw Ben Folds this past weekend... imagine if Regina & Ben had been in the same place, what a kickass concert that would've been!

    I ALWAYS wish I could be friends with my favorite artists. That would be so awesome.

    1. sweeet! that must've been a fun concert! It would've been even more cool for sure if they were together! :)

  3. Ahhh! I'm so glad it all worked out! You could totally be besties with Regina. *sigh* If only ... Oh, and isn't the Fillmore a GORGEOUS venue?!

    Love the dress, too. You look quite lovely. =0)

    1. :D thanks! The Fillmore was super beautiful, I loved it.


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