October 16, 2012

photo an hour from 10/11/12!

I feel like it's been a long time since my last photo an hour post, but I guess it was only back in September....I try to do one a month, whenever I get a day off (don't think they'd appreciate me taking pics at work!).  This particular day, 10/11/12 (!) Mike and I had off together, and it turned out to be a lazy/ slightly productive day.  Basically, any day off is heaven.  Our day got started a bit late, because we slept in for a while, so my first photo is from 11am.
Walked the dog to Dunkin' Donuts, got some breakfast, and came home to enjoy it with some coffee.
12 noon
blog work while watching some t.v.
(recognize that chili?! :)
I'm slightly embarrassed to put this photo up, but this is what my room looked like...yeah, time to pick up!
can you stand how adorable my cats are?!  seriously, they're so cute...you can go ahead and tell me, it's ok, but I already know this.
painting the edges of our living room walls while listening to the radio.
Mike came home from disc golfing with some pumpkin shakes!  ah, the perfect break from painting!  thanks babe!
removing the tape from the living room walls
browsing IKEA's website
cleaning the basement up a bit
sipping some wine out in our backyard while letting the dog take care of some "business"
starting to tape off and paint our bedroom
Olive laying on the drop cloth covering our bed... :)
a view of Olive through the cat door going to our basement
There's my day folks!  These are fun posts, hopefully you enjoy them as well.  It's Tuesday!  You know what that means, right?!  No??  Wellll....New Girl's on tonight!!  haha!  can't wait. 


  1. What a great day! The cats! SO CUTE. I'm also not sure how you only spent an hour on the ikea website haha

    1. thanks! I know, that wasn't the first time I'd looked at their site recently though, so it didn't take too long. I've been spreading it out over a week or so. :)

  2. Haha, I actually though "whut, we're not November, right?" because in Belgium we write the day first and then the month so I had to think for a bit :p And I definitely think these posts are awesome, especially all of those kitty pictures ofcourse :D xo

    1. ah, that's funny! I always wonder if I should be writing it the way you do...it's probably the correct way. :)


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