October 03, 2012

let's eat~ cauliflower crust pizza

I first tried this recipe a while back after finding it on Pinterest.  Mike and I liked it a lot, and decided to throw it on the menu again this week!  It's such a weird concept, using cauliflower as a crust, but it's actually really good!  I almost forgot to get photos of the pizza before it was gone!  Thank goodness there was this one piece left!

Jump on over to the blog Eat. Drink. Smile. if you'd like the recipe.  It'll give your pizza an extra kick of healthiness. :)  Just a noteworthy piece of information: it's a bit soft and falls apart easily, so you'll need to eat it with a fork, but I'm a fork and pizza kinda gal anyway.

What kinds of crust have you tried while making homemade pizza?


  1. I like making whole grain crust w/ flax seeds thrown in for fun & fiber!

    Cauliflower must be one of those veggies you can "sneak" into stuff w/o anyone realizing it! I have a recipe called "Surprise South Beach Mashed "Potatoes""! Steam 4 c. cauliflower until soft, puree, add butter spray & 1 oz. of fat-free half & half, a pinch of salt & pepper...see what you think! Of course they're not like the mashed potatoes I make with sour cream & cream cheese, but they're healthy, for sure! Will have to try & "sneak" this crust past your dad! ;D

    1. I think you'd be able to sneak this one on him for sure! :) He'd be a little skeptical because it looks a bit different, but I think he'd like it. :) I'll have to try those "potatoes!"


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