October 19, 2012


The last part of our weekend away included going to IKEA!  I was so bloody excited to go here folks, never having been before, and always hearing amazing things about it.  I was seriously so giddy...it was a bit overwhelming when we got there, but oh so fun.  We did a bit of scouting online before we went, so we had an idea of what we were looking for and a list to go off of.
Turns out there were so many cool things, that we're planning another trip in the near future, because we couldn't fit everything in our tiny VW! :)  We're hoping to bring my pickup truck this time if it'll ever stop raining, so we can bring lots more goodies home.
1.  Mike waiting for me in the cafeteria while I took a bathroom break (well, I was obviously back now, since I took his pic :).
2.  look at all that wine storage!
3.  cool table with chairs that wrap around the corners
4.  the lovely ikea through a rainy car window
5.  some sweet lighting!
6.  another crazy light fixture
7.  self-checking out our purchases!
Here's a peek at what we ended up buying....
We got these two book cases next to our fireplace to replace the one that was here when we moved in.  I really liked the idea of having shelving there, but these are so much nicer.
I ended up picking out one of those crazy lights for our kitchen!  ah!  love it, and it matches so well (also goes with our orange fridge:).  Then we got a replacement wall light for our bedroom....obviously we painted before we put this in, and are in need of touching up a bit! :P
Finally found a replacement bathroom set for our moose theme!  The vintage-y look matches with the whole theme of our bathroom pretty well.  This trash can was only $2, so we snatched it up since we didn't have a bathroom trash can anymore.

I can't wait to go again and get the finishing touches we're looking for for our home!  Still would like some shelving for my craft room supplies, a tv stand, and some cat shelves (just plain shelves so the cats can climb up the walls and look out the windows!). 

Happy weekend folks!  I'm working all weekend, what are you up to?


  1. I LOVE ikea! We have one about 20 minutes away, and sometimes we just walk around to get inspired even if we don't have money to spend on anything. I could spend hours there!

    1. oh man, I'd probably be in trouble if we had one that close! I saw your mirror while we were there and thought about you! :)

  2. Oh my god, I have two things that you bought haha :) The lamp you have for your bedroom, we have as a standup lamp in our living room and we also have the bathroom glassware :) I love ikea! xo

    1. haha, awesome! I like how you decked out your dorm room in ikea things, it's looks so good!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks girl! you need to come over soon so you can see it (& me!)!


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