October 24, 2012

how to de-seed a pomegranate

Guys, I'm so bad at using computers...haha!  I can sort of figure out how to fudge my way through things usually, but man, I'm sure there has to be an easier way to do things than what I do!  I could not figure out how to make this video upload, so I added it to YouTube and then uploaded it from there...whatever.

This is another one of those "ah-ha!" moments that I had when I discovered this on Pinterest.  Do you love pomegranate but hate how hard it is to eat?  Well, this just may change your life.  This is seriously so easy it's ridiculous!  Check out this little movie I made to demonstrate.  Don't mind Moss, he's just checking out one of the seeds that flew out of the bowl.

It's that easy!  Just cut your pomegranate in half, pry the sides loose a little, (not too that you break it in half like I did with the second half!  oh well, it still worked) hold it seed side down, and start whapping away at it with the back of a metal spoon.  They fall out by the chunk load!  Be careful, it may spray a little juice, and a seed or two may go flying. :) 

Yummm.... breakfast!  Greek yogurt with blueberries and pomegranate, and coffee. :)

have a lovely day folks!!


  1. I did this the other day and it worked! On the other hand my pomegranate was over ripe and did not taste right...

    1. super stoked about this method, but that sucks you had a bad one! :P


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