October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween today!  It'll be my first time passing out candy, and at our new house too!  I'll be getting all zombified later, probably carve my pumkin (finally), make some yummy snacks, and will probably endulge in some witches brew.  Oh!  and I have to watch Corpse Bride; it's a tradition.  click on the photos below for the source.
For now, take a look at this adorable little chipmunk.
Pinned Image
Ha!  so cute!  this cracks me up. :)
Now, check out these little Halloween comics that are on NPR's website today.
Thanks for stopping by!  What are your Halloween plans?  Do you have any traditions?
peace screams and goo,


  1. From the 3rd picture down, of the chipmunk... I could not stop laughing. The face!

  2. hah! I love that chipmunk, and I love the whale as a panda! :) Hope you had a great halloween! :)

  3. they're great aren't they?! and thanks, you too!

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