October 01, 2012

etsy shop revived!

It's been a long time coming folks...but the time is now here!  My etsy shop Nature Hike has come out of hibernation, and is slowing waking back up from its long extended slumber.  I put it off waaaay too long; it's original reasoning for going into hibernation was so I could pack up our apartment and move into our new home.  As you know, we've been moved in for some months now, and it's about time.
Also, my Dad and I have three craft shows coming up that we're in, and I need to get going on building up stock for those, so I thought I might as well try to sell what I have in the mean time on Etsy!
Take a look at what's in stock!  I have a bunch of lovely wallets crafted out of cassette tapes; just click on one and it will take you to the listing in my shop!  These wallets are super fun to use, and are seriously the perfect size for holding credit cards/punch cards, yadda yadda...it's like it's what they were made for all along!  haha!
Elvis- A Legendary Performer- cassette tape wallet
Cedarmont Kids- Toddler Action Songs- cassette tape wallet
Six Ways to Handle Anger- cassette tape wallet
The World's Most Beautiful Melodies- Stardust Moods- cassette tape wallet
Copland- Greatest Hits- cassette tape wallet
Cruisin' 1963 Various- cassette tape wallet
The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas- cassette tape wallet
Jack Mack and the Heart Attack/ Cardiac Party- cassette tape wallet
Interludes Babbling Brook- cassette tape wallet
Anyhoo, I'm really excited and proud of myself for finally opening my shop back up, and hope to keep up on it!   Aaannnnd!......for you special blog readers of mine, I've created a coupon code that will give you 10% off your purchase!  Just use: loveexploringwoods in the coupon section of the checkout. :)  10% because it's the 10th month, and it will run through October 10.


  1. What about a senior discount, a military discount and a .....oh nevermind. Jim C


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