October 02, 2012

dress reveal!

I know you've all been itching in your seats waiting to find out which dresses I bought for the two weddings I recently attended. :)  Kidding!  It has been fun to keep you guessing though.  Well guess no more, it's time for the reveal!
If you guessed 8 or 11, you are correct!  I bought two of the same dress in different prints; they were a really good deal at Target, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get two. :)
This is the first one, in my dressing room:
And this is how I styled it.  I neglected to get any good shots of my outfit at the wedding, so I threw it back on to get a snap.  It was an outdoor wedding, and it was pretty chilly that day, so I paired it with this sweater (and actually another one underneath for extra warmth!), and a belt.  My cowboy boots went well, since it was held on a farm.
outfit details:
dress and tights- Target
sweater, boots and belt- thrifted
necklace- handmade
glasses- Coastal
This is the other one I bought, and actually I cheated a bit and ended up returning it and getting something else instead at the last minute.  Since it was the same dress as the first, I got a feel for it, and it was just too short for comfort.  I wanted to be able to get my dance on without flashing lots of peeps and being inappropriate, soooo back to Target I went...
...and found this!
I really like this one, and although it's short as well, it's not as flowy as the other, so it didn't fly up.  I wore my yellow tights again, but this time I layered some gray fishnets over them for some fun!  This wedding was outdoors as well, but it was a much warmer day, with the sun shining, so it was actually quite comfortable to wear without a sweater. 

outfit details:
dress and tights- Target
necklace- handmade
shoes- don't know...they're old
Thanks to everyone who played along and guessed on my dresses! :) 
Well done to:
Sarah for guessing #11
Treasure Tromp for guessing #8
Josh for guessing #11
and Nancy for guessing both #8 and #11!!!


  1. Great looks! I really love the first dress and how you styled it!!

    <3 Melissa


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