October 12, 2012


This is what I was so excited about last weekend when I said I had had an amazing time with Mike.  As promised, I'm here to tell ya all about it!  Well, we went to a beer fest at the zoo!  We are sort of big beer festival people, and have been to quite a few.  This was the first one however that we've been to at the zoo, and let me tell you, what a great idea!  We loved it!  What could be better than sipping on and tasting all sorts of beer while looking at cute animals?!
We arrived a little early, but were unable to get in until 6pm, we killed some time at the park in front of the gates.  Mike had just bought a few new discs on the way there, and wanted to give them a throw.
I made my traditional pretzel necklace, an idea we got at our first festival after we were sadly pretzel-less while the fellow beer folks gnawed away at their edible necklaces.  I was sure they had bought them somewhere, and searching for a booth, realized they just brought them from home.  Now I'm never found without one.   A string full of pretzels gracing my neck serves as the perfect snack and pallet cleanser between tastings.
Check out that giant puff-ball!  haha, and Mike definitely has a mouth full of sunflower seeds in the photo below...nice.... :)
beer tickets, bears, boots, and lights!
I think its funny how the peacock's run wild all over the zoo. :)
Tina!  Come get some dinner!  We thought this llama was going to spit at us, so Mike had his shield ready!

Soooo fun!  I think we'll have to do this again next year for sure!  It was fun having it be in Autumn as well, so we could layer up, enjoy the colors, and warm up with some drinks!  Our tickets included a meal too, and a specially brewed beer to take home!

Happy Friday everyone!!

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