October 26, 2012

backyard fire

We finally had our first backyard fire not too long ago!  It was so nice to sit out in our own yard, sipping on some wine, and enjoying a fire in our "free" pit (the result of some credit card reward points).  The timing worked out perfectly, as it stared to rain just as we were getting done, and put the coals out nicely for us.
take a look at our creepy but awesome pine tree!  there are three of them in our backyard!
Mike's handy work in photography....ah-mazing! :)

I'm dying to have another fire sooon!  Currently though, there's a dead dear in our neighbor's backyard (well, no one lives there right now), and it is kind of staring to smell.  I know, gross, and sad....not really sure what to do.  I'm pretty sure they were over the other day and discovered it though, so hopefully it will go away soon!

ha, gag!  hope you have a good day folks.

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