September 16, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ green ruffles

This is just a little top I found at Salvation Army a while ago, and then never really wore it.  I didn't like it when I got home and tried it on, but recently gave it another chance.  Turns out I sort of like it!   Haha!  It's not something I see myself wearing a lot, but every now and then perhaps.
Aaaand, my cowboy boots of course.  This was such a rushed outfit shoot.  I was on my way out the door for work, and was trying so hard to get some things accomplished around the house before heading out.  Snap, snap, snap, kiss the hubby, off to work!
outfit details:
shirt- Salvation Army
jeans- Forever 21
purse- estate sale
boots- garage sale
earrings- handmade
Hopefully you all are having a peaceful Sunday!  We've got some fun things planned, along with some good old relaxing!  Church, coffee shop, then who know what? :)  disc golf?  bike ride?  nap?  endless possibilities, really...


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