September 17, 2012

what's in my bag

Ever wonder what the heck people carry in those giant purses they lug around every day?  Well, Imma 'bout to tell ya what I carry in mine (for the most part, subject to change without notice).
Here's my ol' trusty rusty I carry with me every day, wherever I go.
I picked this purse up at an estate sale within the year, and I love it!  It's so plain so it goes with anything, and it's huge, so I can throw a book or snacks in there without much trouble.
without further ado, here are the contents of my bag:
  1. looks like I have tons of money, but it's really just $35 in 1's, left over from my garage sale
  2. check book
  3. calendar
  4. comb
  5. phone
  6. gum
  7. 2 sticks of chapstick
  8. Yoda's tag from getting micro-chipped
  9. feminine products
  10. pens
  11. coupons and my grocery list
  12. nail clippers
  13. zipper change purse
  14. glasses cleaner
  15. eye protection for tanning I keep meaning to give to a friend (I don't go tanning!)
  16. keys
  17. key to Mike's VW
  18. lotion from Joanna :)
  19. wallet

And there ya have it folks.  My necessary and emergency needs that I choose to carry across my body on a daily basis.  Purses are shouldn't be ashamed to carry them, I mean they have things too!  In some cultures I know they do, but not here so-much.  Every now and then I'll see a guy with one and think, "woah, that's weird,"  but why eh, why not?! 

monday, monday, monday... :)  have a good one folks.


  1. Oh my gosh, we have the same thing! My cat was taken by out neighbor to the pound when I moved in with my boyfriend and we had to get him micro chipped to get him back...I put the tag on his collar since it says "Home Again" I wanted the neighbors to feel bad if they saw it. I change my cats collars with the seasons and use little charms on them, I consider that my cat's charm of the memory when he was brought home again.

  2. awww, that sucks! I'm glad you got him back though. I have more peace of mind now knowing that if she gets out I'll be able to find her again.


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