September 06, 2012

what to wear to the farmer's market

Hi y'all!  This is my first time participating in What to Wear with you lovely ladies.  Thanks so much for letting me join in!  After you read my post, make sure you stop by all the other wonderful blogs to see what they would wear to the Farmer's Market!

Mike and I visited our local food co-op on one of the days they had their "100 mile market."  They sell fresh food and produce from anywhere in a 100 mile radius from good ol' Kalamazoo.
There was a food truck there, selling all sorts of delicious items. I bought a "real root beer," made with local roots and Michigan maple syrup (description below if you can see it!).
We visited the indoor part of the co-op as well, to pick up a few grocery items.  We didn't get any, but this peanut butter looked amazing!  I did get a button out of this arty-pants machine though, I can hardly ever resist those homemade button machines!
I seriously love this place, and I'm not sure why that was my first time there!  I'll be going quite more often, I'm sure.  lovelovelove, natural health stores.
Ah, on to my outfit... :)
I wore a dress that I bought at an estate sale a few years ago, a belt from a thrift store, my Target sandals, and my new glasses from Coastal.
here's what I bought at the market!
some super yummy tortillas, goat cheese, and kale.  I also bought some eggs and milk (not pictured ;).
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until next time!


  1. Yay. Welcome aboard. I love this outfit. Super comfy and stylish.

    1. thankya thankya! It was fun to join in!

  2. You look great in that outfit, I really like you with glasses haha, they totally fit you! xo

    1. haha, thanks! I'm still getting used to them, so they're a bit annoying, but I like them!

  3. Blue & red make me happy! I especially love the dress!


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