September 20, 2012

what to wear on a bike ride

This week, the lovely ladies and I from the What to Wear gang bring you some spiffy outfits to wear while riding your bike!  I was trying to remember the last time I rode my bike...
I think it was two springs ago when Mike and I rode from our apartment down to the Radison Plaza Hotel downtown to pick up his packet for the marathon he ran. Yeeaaah....I don't ride my bike often. I probably should, I just don't!  I'm not really sure why not...I was going to go for a ride tonight so I could say I actually did, but Mike's not home, and I'm kind of worried about all the traffic. Plus I don't have a destination. I was trying to think of the nearest place I could ride to buy a bottle of wine, but it's either too far away, or across the busy busy street, haha!
Anyway, this is what I picked out of my closet for what I was thinking about wearing on my bike ride. :)  I may still end up going, who knows? 
Since it's chilly out, I layered up a bit, but not too much since I'll warm up while peddling.
I like to wear my skinny jeans, so the pant legs don't get caught up in the spokes or flap around, and an extra long tank top so I don't show off my bum while leaning forward on my bike.  Oh, and my merrel shoes, for extra peddle pumping action, and a scarf to ward off the wind.  It's oober windy here right now folks!
outfit details:
plaid shirt-
local store a few years ago, don't remember the name, and they're not there anymore
tshirt- thrifted
tank top- Forever 21
crocheted vest- Kohl's
scarf- bday gift from The Bridge, a fair trade shop in downtown Holland
jeans- Forever 21
merrell shoes- Gander Mountain
And there ya have it!  Please make sure you stop by the other ladies blogs to see what they would wear on a bike ride! :)
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  1. What a lovely outfit! I love plaid shirts, I don't think that will ever change haha.

  2. I haven't ridden my bike in awhile either. It's funny, I used to use a bike to get everywhere during my undergrad. Now that I'm an old fart with a car, I'm super lazy. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    Cute outfit, though. Smart about the tank top. It's never ideal when you see someone bike by with their butt hanging out. :)

    1. haha, yah. I need to start hoppin' on that thing again.

  3. love the plaid...classic! :)


  4. haha very fun! Love the long tank top idea, very important to not have unnecessary skin showing!

  5. That's a pretty cute looking biking outfit. I hope you manage to get out for a trip! I know I get a little trapped with overthinking a bike ride, but I'm always glad once I'm on it.

  6. Very adorable outfit. I really like the plaid & matching blouse/scarf. You look ready for an adventure! Now, I'm wishing I still had my bike...

  7. That's nice! x

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  8. I love that vest! And the plaid, and the skinny jeans, and everything really.

    I often use my bike to pick up some libations at my local liquor store. I have the non-busy route all mapped out! I need to get some sort of beer-carrying device strapped to the bike and I'll be set for life!


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