September 30, 2012

september goals recap!

September's coming to an end this evening, and October will kiss us good morning.  It's been a good month, and I'm looking forward to what will take place as autumn continues to run its course.
I made a list of personal goals at the beginning of September, and it's now time for a reality check, to see what I stuck to and what still needs some work.
1.  read more-  I stopped for a bit, but then found a book at a thrift store that I've been enjoying, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  I'm still reading it, since I'm not a very fast reader, and I don't find oodles of time to read, but I'm still staying strong!
2.  start yoga-  hmmm...I did this all of one day.  Yeah, I could use some more work on this.  I still want to give it a go though.
3.  craft more-  oh man....okay, I haven't made crafts, crafts, but I have made/ worked on some projects for our house, such as the painting of the fridge, and sewing some curtains for our bedroom (one set, still need to make the other!).  Not really the kind of crafting I meant, but it works I guess.
4.  send more mail/ cards-  I did this!  It's fun to send notes and things. :)
5.  visit people-  I visited my friend and my Grandma twice I think.  I really need to keep going though.  It was nice to see them!
6.  clean, clean, clean!-  though this is a never-ending task, I think I've done...well at it.  There were some times when clothing piled the floor, and dishes mounded the sink, but I'm trying to keep up on it.  There's always room for improvement!
7.  more time outside-  I've gone for a few hikes/ walks with Mike (one of suck pictured above:), and spent some time reading out in our backyard. 
I think I'll make another list, to help me stay on track, and act as a reminder to myself of the things I want to accomplish!
What goals do you have for for yourself?

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