September 05, 2012

new glasses!

When I hit 25 years old (I am now 26) and had to renew my driver's license, an eye exam was a requirement.  No big deal, right?  Sure.  I can pass this thing... I think.  Unfortunate for me, I forgot to take my old pair of beat up glasses with me to the Secretary of State just in case.  You got it, I failed.  A quick trip back home to snatch my glasses, and a fast pass so I didn't have to wait in that ungodly line again, and I was on my way to having "restrictions- corrective lens" stamped on my state ID.  I never knew what they meant by "restrictions."  Now I know.
Needless to say, my glasses were a bit old (six years old to be exact), and majorly scratched up from my irresponsible hastiness of tossing them in my purse without a case!  I've been seeing these ads all over the internet for, and how you can get your first pair of glasses for free, so I thought what the heck!  Why not!  Since I'm going to have to wear them quite more often now, I signed up for eye insurance at work this year so I could pick up a snazzy new pair of specks, . 
I got an eye exam for 15 bucks, and these glasses for free!  Just got my prescription from the doc. and plugged it into the computer, and viola!  I did have to pay $18 for shipping/insurance, but I think that's a LOT better than the $200+ I would've paid at the eye doctor.   aaaaand, I just claimed another free deal from them yesterday, so I have another pair on their way!  y'all should definitely check them out if you're in the market for some glasses.
and here they are! :) my new glasses next to my old pair.
They arrived at my house in the morning, hence my face and p.j's.  meh, why is it that packages always seem to arrive before you've gotten ready for the day?  I was a little excited to say the least, ha!

even though we have a short week ahead of us, I'm anticipating the weekend so much that I feel like it's going to take forever to get here!  hurry up week!!


  1. You look really great with glasses! Too bad I can't use :( haha :)

    1. thank you! that's a bummer. :P doesn't take your prescription or something?

  2. I love my Coastal glasses! In fact, I think you & I have the same pair. Except mine are shades.

    Still loving the math symbols on the corners. I am such a dork.....

    1. yeah, they're fun, and a bit silly. :) too bad I'm horrible at math; maybe they'll help?


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