September 25, 2012

New Girl!!

It may be slightly rediculous how excited I am that this show is back on the air tonight!  I even took the night off of work to make sure I wouldn't miss it!  I mean, a two hour premiere of my fav show?!  :) 

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I've kind of been thinking about it all day, and how I want to ring in the new episodes....I want to make some sort of fancy treat, and put on a dress and have a little party for one.  What will most likely actually happen, is I'll bake some brownies and watch it in my p.j.'s but that's okay too.
For now, I need to do some major catch up on dishes, and get groceries in preparation for relaxation tonight!  Is anyone else watching??


  1. It's totally normal! I'm really really excited as well, I'm actually not watching untill this weekend because me and my boyfriend always watch it together but I absolutely can't wait! I love Zoeey Deschanel :)

    1. that's cool that you're goint to wait and watch it together. :) enjoy!


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