September 03, 2012

my name's flower

About a week ago, our new dog Nuke had the unfortunate experience of meeting a skunk in our backyard.  Mike and I were enjoying a relaxing evening in our backyard with the dog.  Mike noticed Nuke's interest suddenly perked up to something in the distant dark yard, and said, "I hope that's not a skunk."
Well, it was, and Nuke took off after it, only to be sprayed directly in the face moments later.  Poor buddy's eyes were running so bad, he kept wiping his face on the ground trying to rid himself of the nasty goop. 
His breath smelled so bad, since he got it straight in the face.  Mike brought some tomato sauce home from work and had him eat it up, hoping it would clear the stench a bit.  We're not sure if it worked at all, but anything's worth a shot!  He's had two baths, and a small rub down of sauce so far.
Although his stink is starting to go away, I think he still has a few days left to hang out in the backyard before he'll be allowed in the house again!

I'm sad for him because he gets lonely when he's not near us, but happy for my cats.  They're loving having him in our yard so they can roam the house freely; they're still terrified of him.  I don't trust Nuke to not eat my babies, so they have to be supervised while together...hopefully they will all get along one day.

Have you ever had a pet get sprayed by a skunk?  How long did it take for the stink to go away?  One website I read said it could take up to two years to fully go away!  I sure hope not!

hope you're having a great holiday. :)

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