September 08, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Time for another round of cute photos of my cats and things. :)
  1. My cats love it when I get a package in the mail, so they can lay on all the packing papers and eat the tape.
  2. run away!
  3. flowers from my backyard for granny
  4. my lap on a car-ride
  5. the bottom of my coffee
  6. mug of coffee at my garage sale
7.  There's a woodpecker on that pole. :)
8.  sleepy Yoda
9.  the irony of this pic cracks me up...
I didn't pack my lunch this day (naughty me), and went to Harding's to pick up some things to eat on my break.  I packed them in a paper bag (I hate plastic!) and when I peered inside, noticed the bag of m&m's says "brown bag" on it, it is a "brown bag" lunch (sack), and it's in a brown bag!  haha!  ahhh...
10.  my favorite pretzels in the world...Auntie Anne's.  ugh, I'm craving one now, and it's 9:30am!

It's a beautiful day out here!  Running my garage sale again, hoping to get rid of some more things, and enjoying seeing the sun come out! 


  1. I love cats!
    I'm actually obsessed with them!!
    You have a lovely blog! :)

    1. thanks so much! I love them too, and could truely become a crazy cat lady if my hubby would let me! :)


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