September 19, 2012

in my dressing room

Okay, WARNING, there are a ton of photos of me in this post.  I've been trying to pick out a dress for a few upcoming weddings that I'm attending, since I don't really own many dresses, just skirts.  It's time for something new.  I thought it'd be a good idea to take pics of all the dresses I tried on before purchasing anything, and then flip back through them to help me make a decision on one.

1.  This one was a bit see through, but cute; just add a slip and it'd be okay.
2.  Cute, but a bit casual for a wedding.
3.  Hmmm...I like it, but not sure how to hide my bra in the back!
4.  Was hoping it'd be cuter than it was.

5.  Tip: if it's hard to get on, don't put it on! holy tight!
6.  I really like this one!
7.  ew.
8.  cute!
9.  hmmm..
10.  uh, cute, but not for a wedding....can't wear white to a wedding!
11.  like it!
12.  cute print!

I ended up buying two of these dresses, but I'll wait till later to reveal which ones, and leave you wondering... :)  It's kind of fun taking photos in the dressing room, because you can try on so many things without buying them, and look back on them if you have second thoughts.  I may make this a category that shows up every once in a while (not too often, I can't go crazy shopping, what do you think I am, money bags?! :).  Any guesses as to which ones I purchased?

Happy hump day!


  1. I like 6 and 11. So that's my guess as to what you bought. =0)

  2. These are all really cute! Are they from different stores? I think I need some new dresses too!

    1. you should go shopping! :) I wish we could go together! I think these are from 3 or 4 different stores...I went to Target and the mall (Forever 21, Charrlotte Russe, and Wet Seal). Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. pretty!!! I'm excited to see which ones you picked! Love the faces, very nice

  4. #5 = Kick ass and if you weren't my sis, I'd say hot :)
    #10 = Formal and nice looking depending on the occasion
    #11 = Hippie and very Sarah

    Those are my favorites.

    1. ha! yeah, I was like, "daaaaang!" when I tried on #5, haha! I could hardly move though, it was so tight! I'm always worried I'm going to have to end up purchasing something while wearing it just because I can't get it off. now ya know, those girls that look all cute, are not comfortable at all! :)


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