September 27, 2012

house-ventures~ chalkboard paint cupboards

Another little project I tackled at our hose lately is slapping some chalkboard pain onto the side of a few cupboards in our kitchen.  A friend from work let me borrow her leftover paint after I mentioned while chatting about how pricey the stuff is.  Thanks Janice!
I don't really know why I need the sides of my cupboards to be chalkboards, but it sounded fun!  After taping them off and sanding a bit, I went to work.
It took about two coats...maybe three...I actually don't remember right now!  I may have put a third on for good measure, but two is pretty good.  I read somewhere online that when it's dry, you should coat the entire surface with the side of a stick of chalk to help it somehow.  Haha, I'm not really good at explaining these DIY things.

Here's the finished product!  A little spot for our calendar, and a place to write out weekly menu, or whatever the heck we want to jot down!

What's coming up on your menu, or do you plan day by day?


  1. so, what day do we all show up for pizza.
    Jim c

    1. haha! I'm not quite sure; I don't go so far as to plan which meal goes with what night, we just pick one every daily. :)

  2. Tonight I'm making phyllo pastry with asparagus, red pepper, mushrooms, red onion, spices and feta inside for our vegetarian friends. And they're going to bring a long felafel. Yummy!

    Cool idea. That spot could also double as a quote board or inspiration board. We have three chalkboards up in our bedroom. One on either side of our bed and one on the main wall. The large one always has funny things written on it. Stuff that happened that day or quotes from shows we watch. It's a fun, ever-changing piece of art. I love it!

    1. ohmygoodness, that sounds delicious! yum! Can I come over for dinner? haha!

      Your chalkboards sound sweet! I need to invest in some chalk now...we have two tiny scraps that are dwindling away.


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