September 11, 2012

fuzzy wuzzy is my friend

I hope you're prepared for an overload of cute cat pictures, because ready or not, here they come!
These are some of my bestest buds; I love them to death!
Here's Moss in one of his favorite places in the house~ an old broken aquarium that we're still not quite sure what to do with.  He thinks it's his throne or something.  Usually he's sitting on top, not inside, so it was funny to see a cat in a glass box.
Olive sleeping in various positions, lounging, and trying to fit into my glasses box....sorry babe, you're not going to fit!
Yoda being a ninja and peering out of the shower, laying all over the fabric I'm trying to measure to make curtains for our bedroom, and sniffing a package that came in the mail from Modcloth.

Hope these cheer you up a bit today!  They make me smile. :)  have a decent Tuesday everyone.


  1. Great to see the grandkitties! After holding Moss, I'm amazed at how much of him I take away with me! ha! Fuzzy Wuzzy for sure! Glad they bring you joy...they are sweet, and so are YOU! :)

    1. Moss does shed a TON! can't wear black around that cat! :)

  2. Oh I love kitty pictures! And you cats are funny haha!

    1. haha, thank you! they are silly little critters. :)


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