September 04, 2012

blue moon

Were any of you able to see the blue moon we had the other night?  What an opportunity!Mike snapped these photos for me while I sat in the grass of our backyard, gazing up at the bright beauty.  I'd like to see more photos, if any of you care to share!  It'd be fun to see it from other people's perspective.

Wow!  sooo exquisite.  The next night was amazing as well, and I really wish I would've remembered to take photos of it then too.  I caught a glimpse of it on my drive home from work; it was very close, and the most pretty shade of orange.  But alas, I once I got inside I forgot about it.

Does thinking about the blue moon make anyone else crave this stuff?  haha!  Good ol' Hudsonville ice cream, my local bowl of deliciousness!
Blue Moon
Speaking of ice cream!  I have to share with you later on something wonderful that has finally come to fruition after much anticipation!! be continued in a later episode.  :)
hooray for a short work week!  just a few days, and I'll be off for the weekend, enjoying hosting a garage sale and painting the house with my love.  What's in store for you?

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