August 01, 2012

what's in my wardrobe the morning after it rains

The other night it rained.  When I got up,  I walked through my yard with a cup of coffee and just enjoyed it.  I love having a yard now.  I haven't spent too much time out back yet, but look forward to many many hours spent relaxing, planting, sunning, bonfires with friends, sipping a bottle of wine with my love, and much more.

outfit details:
80's-ish top- garage sale (said to have been bought from Macy's a few months prior)
tank top- Forever 21
jeans- Kohl's?
flip flops- from my Dad (he bought them for shower shoes as an emergency on a trip once, then gave them to me when he was done :)
necklace- made it
earrings- Salvation Army

I would've had this post up this morning, if it weren't for technical difficulties.  I've been very frustrated with Blogger lately, as I've having issues with changing photo sizes once they're uploaded.  Some will change, and others not.  Anyway, I ran out of time trying this morning before I had to go to work; sorry for the delay!

I'm so thankful to have our new house.  I'm feeling overwhelmed with things I want/ need to do though.  I can't keep a list, and I feel a bit unorganized.  When I have too much to do, I almost just sit back and look at it all and can't pick one thing to do, so I don't do anything.  I'm trying to figure out a system to get organized and focused on one thing at a time....perhaps something other than tiny scraps of paper I hastily jot notes down on while at work, stuffing them into my pockets only to never be looked at again.

whew.... :)  I really am happy,  and soso thankful we got our house.  I just need to chill out and try to have fun with it rather than wanting everything done now as I see it in my head.

one happy thing that we can somewhat cross off the list for now:  Mike cut a cat door into our door tonight so the cats can do to and from the basement as they wish!  Now I just have to decorate it with some pretty trim, and maybe put a flap up of some sort.  I will share more with you on that when it happens. :)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Your hair is so long and pretty! I have to keep my hair short because it bugs me too much when it is long. :)

    1. haha, I totally understand, I'm close to chopping mine off frequently!


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