August 07, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ leather and lace

    please press play, and enjoy the music while to read this post.

I had never heard this song before, but it seems fitting for this outfit.  I was searching for a quote or something, but found this instead.  I like it!

Not much to say, except that I like my boots, and lace.  I've always been a tiny bit cowgirl at heart.  Mix that up with a bunch of other styles and you get me.  I like switching it up, and can never really decide what "my style" is.  I guess my style is just whatever I like at the time. 

outfit details:
lace shirt- garage sale
tank top- thrifted
jeans- Forever 21
boots- garage sale
earrings- consignment shop
leather wristband- garage sale


  1. It was fun listening to a record, Wow! Sarah, you are adorable!

    1. Thanks Mom! Not really a long enough post to listen to a song to, but whatevz. :)


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