August 20, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ cooler days

It feels so amazing to be able to bundle up a bit and put a sweater on.  To wake up and actually be cold, and pull the blankets closer around yourself.  It's still warm enough where it's not uncomfortably cold, and the day heats up just right.  Autumn is right around the corner, and it is by far my favorite season.  I love everything about it...
cider mills
the colors (my favorite!)
halloween, and candy
apple picking

I could go on... :)

My cowboy boots will most likely be making many appearances in my outfit posts.  I love my boots, and really, they're my only pair as of now besides winter boots and galoshes.
I guess you can really only see them in one of these photos.

outfit details:
dress- Forever 21
sweater- thrifted
boots- garage sale
tank- Forever 21
watch- Target
leggings- Kohl's
earrings- consignment shop

I have the day off today, which I'm truly grateful for.  When Mike gets home from work, we're going to take my smallest kitty Yoda to the vet today and get her micro-chipped.  She's the only one of our 4 pets that isn't, and well, she's my favorite!  It would break my heart into a million pieces if she got lost, so this chip will put my mind at ease.  After that, I go to get some blood work done, then who knows what the day will bring (I have a few ideas ;)?  Time with my man is always wonderful...

what does your day have in store for you??


  1. Sarah, may I just say that your SMILE is your most beautiful accessory! Enjoy your day! <3u,

  2. I love how you still look 16 to me! ;) So pretty, Sarah.


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