August 11, 2012

vampires beware

A friend from work insisted on getting us a house warming gift when she found out we were buying our first house.  She's from Italy, and has lots of Italian traditions she follows, a few of which influenced her gift giving.  She asked for a few suggestions, as well as adding her own touches.  She gave us clothespins for our clothesline, and her favorite blueberry wine (which was delicious!).  For the Italian gifts, she gave me a broom for keeping my house clean and beating my husband, and some garlic for keeping vampires and werewolves away.

She initially wanted to get the traditional garlic on a string to hang above my doorway, but absolutely could not find it anywhere.  She consulted with her Aunt, and figured out that it'd work the same if I just waved it in front of the entrance to my house, to keep evil from entering.  After that, I had to either eat it or bury it, but do not throw it away.

Mike and I got to work (well, I did the waving, Mike took pictures) on protecting our home.
This is the garage door, that leads to the kitchen.

our front door...

...and the back door to the basement.

We decided to bury one bulb, and keep the other for eating since I didn't think we'd use two cloves before they went bad and I can't throw them away.  We do love garlic!

digging the hole.  I kind of hope this ends up growing!

So there ya have it.  Our home is now vampire and werewolf-proof. :)  Funny thing, and I hope I don't get hate mail from this....but only hours after doing this, some Jehovah's witness boys came to our door.  Guess garlic doesn't keep them away. :)  (I really don't have anything against them, just please leave me alone.)

Have a good day peeps!  I'm running behind, and need to skedaddle and get ready to visit my in laws.  Our family is in town, and we're having a birthday party for my 3 year old niece! 


  1. That is such a fun tradition. Would be nice if it kept unwanted people away though too.


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