August 31, 2012

september goals

Since August is waning away, and September will be upon us before we know it, I thought I'd share some of my personal goals for the next month.  These are things I've been wanting to do, but just "haven't gotten around to it" yet.  I thought it might help me accomplish more if I write them out, and declare them to the world. :)
  • read more- I was doing pretty well with this, but I finished my last book, and I'm having a hard time finding another one that will keep my interest.
  • start yoga-  this would be a really healthy thing for my creaky old body, and hopefully help keep me young longer.
  • craft more-  I haven't crafted in so long!  since we moved at least, and way before that...I have three art shows coming up in the nearing months, so I need to get to work!
  •  visit people-  I'm not good at getting out and visiting people, in particular my Grandma, and elderly friend from work, Marilyn.  Need to make this a priority.
  • clean, clean, clean!-  I really want to keep our new house spotless, it's hard working full time, but something I really want to do.
  • more time outside- this explains itself, but yeah...for sure need to be out in the sunny-D more often! :)
Hoping I can do most, if not all of these things in September!  I'll let you know later on how things are coming.  Do you have any goals for yourself?
On a quick side note, full moon tonight at 9:58pm!  It's our second one this month, making it a blue moon!  Check it out!  (sounds like the perfect night to visit the drive-in!! ;)  here's a small article about it, and the source of this beautiful pic. below.
August Full Moon for 2009
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I have a lot of the same goals, let's hope we can keep up with them :) xo

  2. I like that apple you wrote the list on, reminds me of stuff we would give out at the library. I have a few of the same goals as you do, clean & craft more! Since I moved in with my boyfriend it's harder since I don't have a whole craft room where all the supplies are organized and visible so I haven't been making much lately.

    1. yeah, that would be hard to get motivated if you don't have a space to craft in; I don't like dragging everything out and then putting it away when I'm done! :)


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