August 09, 2012

photo an hour #1

This is my first photo an hour post.  I enjoy reading/seeing others, and wanted to give it a shot.  It was fun, but also a little stressful.  It really makes you think about what you're doing with your day, and kind of helped me not waste time and get things done.  So, here's a peek into a day of my life...

Olive woke me up early, I'm sure because she was hungry.  I heard a loud noise of water running (like what it sounds like if the outside faucet is on) and it appeared to be coming from the water heater.  I called Mike home from work to take a look and make sure it wasn't going to blow up.
Thank goodness for annoying cats.

nervously watching tv and waiting for Mike to get home.
It turned out to be the water softener, and Mike just turned off the water supply to it, so it quit running.  Thanks Mike!

coffee and blog reading/ writing time

time to wash a mountain of dishes

after washing dishes, time to clean myself up with a bath

trip to Sawall Health Store to pick up some t.p.

lunch time!  mac & cheese, salad and a beer while watching synchronized swimming

a trip to the local pound to look at dogs....
turns out they're closed from 1pm-2pm for lunch, so we had some time to get fries and frosty's at Wendy's before going back.

The nursery at the pound where all the baby kittens and puppies are kept.  I couldn't look very long, I was about to burst into tears seeing them all and hearing their tiny cries.

This poor dog was so sad looking.  He had scabs all over his face, most likely from a dog fight. 

Time to work on our shower! It's only a tub, and we're getting tired of taking baths. :)
Mike's measuring to put some paneling up.

browsing Craigslist and paying some bills

A trip to Salvation Army.
I'm on the lookout for an exercise bike to put in my basement, so I can workout while reading.

dinner time!
Papa John's pizza, and some water in my "new" glass I found at Salvation Army.

Watching Market Warriors

Time to work on the bathtub again (had to let the battery for our drill charge up).
Caulking the paneling before slapping it up on the wall.

paneling up, and caluking all the edges.

Thanks for taking a look at my day!  It proved to be enjoyable and productive.  I hope you all have a good day!  I'm about to go the the doctor, and get some laser stuff done to my face for rosacea.  Wish me luck! 


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