August 25, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Time for more instagram photos!  It's fun capturing little moments in time and looking back at them.  Here are a few from the past week or so of my life.

  1. Vintage thermometer hanging in our garage~ it says "Morren's Poultry Co.- Pork- Beef and Poultry.  From Galesburg MI.  Anyone remember this place?
  2. My new little owl candle holder. :)
  3. The best place to go for ice cream!  yumyumyum!
  4. Mike's and my ice cream cones.  He got Gold Rush and Cappuccino, and I got Peaches and Cream, and Cappuccino (funny combo, I know, but I wanted Peach and couldn't think of anything that would go well with it!  I always get two flavors :).
  5. Saw this car being pulled on a trailer while eating our ice cream.  love it!
  6. Yoda sceptically watching our dog Nuke from a distance.
  7. Taking an evening walk with Mike and Nuke around the block.
  8. While picking up Papa John's pizza, I saw this girl on the sidewalk holding one of those advertisement signs for haircuts...turns out she's a manikin, haha!  I thought it was an odd spot to advertise from.
  9. We got a new fire pit thanks to our credit card rewards points!
  10. My dashboard buddy.
  11. A little wine with crackers and cheese snack after work, while doing computer work outside.
  12. Mr. Moss in our basement.
  13. Dilated eye!  Yup, I had an eye exam this week, and am getting some new glasses!  It'd been a hefty six years since my last one, 'bout time ya think?!
It feels good that it's the weekend, even though I have to work all of it.  What are your weekend plans?  Hope you have a good one, whatever you do!

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