August 16, 2012

insta~graham crackers

life in photos...

  1. My new nephew!  I got to meet him for the first time this past weekend, and man he's a cutie!
  2. Tim Hortons came to town!  Mike and I had breakfast there yesterday; deeelish!
  3. The old drum trap for our bathtub.  After some major leakage (aka downpour in the basement), Mike replaced this bad boy with a new pvc p-trap!
  4. Yup, we got a dog.  He's peeking out the cat door of our garage.  Still getting used to having him around, and don't quite trust him to not eat my cats yet....
  5. Thanks to my Grandma, we now have a picnic table in our backyard!  Thanks Grandma, we love it!  I'm ready to have lots of cookouts and dinners out there now.
  6. Our shower!  Yay for having a shower now, and no more baths unless desired. :)
Slowly, we're getting things accomplished in our new home.  I'm kind of losing motivation, and need to find where it went...

We did unpack and organize our basement yesterday though, and it's looking really good!  I also worked on putting together a list of things to do in my home journal, so I can go through that and pick a project to work on when time presents itself. 

What projects are you working on, or wish you were working on?


  1. 1. Is that Kendra's, or did I miss another birth in your fam??
    2. Fun to hear all the work on the new house!! Cool time for you guys!
    3. Congrats on the new pup!
    4. Hope you're doing great! It's fun to peek at your blog! ♥

    1. thanks Charity!
      yup, that's Kendra's baby. :) thanks for reading my blog!
      it's cool that you started one too, they're fun!

  2. I still cannot believe that the dog got his big head through that cat door. CRAZY.

    1. I know! thankfully the one in the garage is smaller so he couldn't excape! what a crazy. :)

  3. I love your house Sarah. The picnic table looks like a cute addition to the yard too.

    1. Thanks Char! We had a cookout the night we got the table, it was so nice!

  4. SO many things I want to say! :) Love the fact that you got a dog (what's his name?)! Tim Hortons is neat that you got in nearby! Love that you have Grandma's picnic table. So many memories that come to mind because of it! Remember Easter egg hunts with Grandpa and Grandma? :)

    1. :) thanks for reading! it's good to hear from you!
      Our dog's name is Nuke, after Mike's favorite disc golf disc (he's pretty huge on discing lately, and has gotten really good!).
      I liked Tim Hortons, it's probably dangerous to have it so close by.
      and yeah, I remember that table from a loooong time ago! opening up all of our eggs on the table. :) It's really nice to have, I can't wait to have more dinners outside at it!

  5. Hi Sarah! Lucky you to get Grandma's picnic table! Last I looked, it needs some TLC, but you and Mike are pretty handy. :)

    It was so good to see you in June! Thank you for emailing me the pictures. :)

  6. You're welcome for the pics! I'm super thankful for the table, it's going to be so nice. It needs a few bolts tightened down, but I think it'll be ok. :)


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