August 06, 2012

i scream for awesomeness

While shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I spotted an end cap that tickled my fancy.  I think I audibly gasped at just about every item I laid my eyes on.  I would see one thing, "gasp!" then the next, "gasp!", haha!  Mike stayed with me for a moment, but then had to walk away because of the sheer silliness of it all (plus we really had to get going).

So you're probably dying to know what these amazing products are.  I know you are, so I won't make you wait any longer.  It's all a bunch of silly back to college stuff, that's not meant for any sophisticated household for sure.  I ended up going back a few days ago and buying 4 things....

The first thing are these amazing ice cream bowls.  I bought one in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  They look like ice cream inside of the bowls!  I then of course had to buy neapolitan ice cream, because it matches.  I really didn't even think I liked neapolitan, but it didn't matter.  Turns out I do!  bonus!

The next thing that I got is completely unnecessary, but oh so fun.  It's a silicone ice cube tray in the shape of coffee beans, to make coffee ice cubes for iced coffee.  wow, that sounded weird.  Anyway, I was just about out of coffee too, so I picked up some local beans at the grocery store.  I brewed a huge pot of coffee as soon as I got home that night, so I'd have some cool coffee to wake up to!

:D yay!

Okay, these ones I didn't purchase, but still think are awesome and would love to own.  I just couldn't shell out $12.99 for each of them, so I'll settle for a photo for now.  The Doritos bowl and the pizza pan are so cool!

um...funny!  Ninja bread men?  HA! love it. :)

Oh, and this last one they were out of, but I found a picture on their website.  Magic wand salt and pepper shakers!  gahh!  so cute.  I'd probably end up using way too much salt just because I wanted to spread my magic all over.  "Anyone need salt, I have salt, I can give you some salt!"  I don't think I'd actually want these in my kitchen though, (well maybe) they wouldn't go with my decor...and I need to try and be an adult. 
Salt & Magic Salt and Pepper Shaker set.Opens in a new window

I'm so happy I don't have to work today!  I think we're going to go look at dogs when Mike gets home!!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Love the salt & pepper shakers especially. :)


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