August 17, 2012

friday finds~ clothing edition

I've been browsing dresses online a bit, looking for something to wear to a few upcoming weddings.  Although it's fun looking, I've decided it will be better if I just go to a store and try them on in person, rather than ordering online.  I'm not a huge dress person, but they're really starting to grow on me more and more, and I have this crazy desire to buy few armloads of them!  Here are a few pieces of clothing on my wish list:

unique and fun!
sooo pretty, but I'd want to try it on first!  looks a bit too short..
ha!  I love cats, and cat hugs
love the colors!
so bummed it's sold out
very elegant

image source
I like this quote.  I really feel like the way I dress is an art form, and I love putting different pieces together to make a great outfit.  It may sound silly, but if I don't like what I'm wearing, it can affect my day in a negative way, and the opposite is true as well.  If I like an outfit, it helps put me in a good mood.  I really enjoy being able to express myself through clothing, accessories, etc.

How do you feel about what you wear?  Does it affect how you feel?  Please share.....

hope you all have a lovely Friday!


  1. I like number 2 the best! I think it would flatter you the most.

  2. Dress 5 would also look very cute on you. I like the colors.

    1. I know! It was on super sale too, but I guess that's why they're all gone.


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