August 04, 2012

early worms

Olive woke me up eeeearly this morning...grrr.  It's a good thing though, because I didn't set an alarm, and now I'm determined to get things done around the house before going in to work today.

This is the view out of my kitchen window; see the little bunnies to the left of the disc basket?  So cute!  We're so fortunate to have such a nice yard with mature trees.  So far, I've seen bunnies, squirrels, a few birds, and one deer, and two kitties back there.  Apparently we get deer wandering our yard a lot, according to our back neighbor that Mike met.  I'm excited to see them, but probably won't be next year when I'm trying to grow a garden.

I must go!  I have things to do!  :)  I"m going to finish unpacking my craft room, do some laundry, wash dishes, and just plain straighten up.  See y'all, have a good Saturday!

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