August 30, 2012

dry shampoo

After reading Emma's post from A Beautiful Mess about her everyday styling routine, and learning about dry shampoo for the first time (I know, I's probably existed forever and I'm just now experiencing it, but I live under a small rock guys; it's okay.), I knew I wanted to give it a shot.
I wanted to try the brand she recommended, but it isn't sold anywhere near where I live, so I settled and bought this one by Umberto from Target quickly before leaving on a camping trip (the perfect time to try it out!).  The brand she recommends, Not Your Mother's, is only sold at Wal-Mart and CVS pharmacy (and I refuse to go to Wal-Mart, no matter how desperately I want something).  With no CVS' around, I thought I was out of luck, buuuut, found one while camping in Ohio, so I picked up a bottle!

This stuff is pretty amazing if you don't like showering much like Mike and I. :)  A few years ago, I just got honestly bored of showering every day, so I went to showering every other day.  I also hate the idea of using all that water, and it's good for your hair to not get washed every, win-win-win.

Noooow, (don't think I'm gross..well, okay, you can if you want) I shower once every three days or so because I have this sweet stuff.  It's basically an aerosol can of powder.  You spray it in your hair (it may look a little white at first, but not bad), rub it in, and brush it out!  The powderiness soaks up the oils from your hair and leaves ya clean!  Plus it gives a boost of volume, which I like because my hair's pretty limp.

Both of these brands work well.  Mike's been using the Umberto, because it's not "smelly" like the other one.  It doesn't stink, but it has a slight scent; not really powdery though, because I wouldn't use if it smelled like powder (ehk!).  I've been using the Not Your Mother's brand, since I went to the trouble of getting it from far, far away. :) 

Anyhoo, if you haven't given dry shampoo a shot, you should!  Even if it's not something you use on a regular basis, it could be handy on days you're running late and just don't have time to shower before sprinting out the door!

wow, longer post than I meant to write on such a small topic. :)  hope you have a great day everyone!!


  1. this is a great blog entry, sarah! i do not like to shower or bathe everyday either and with longer, thick hair (that takes forever to dry and then even longer to style) i think i would LOVE dry shampoo. i'll have to look for it next time i'm out and about :)
    xo bonnie

    1. thanks bonnie! i think you'll like it! it's funny, because i usually get more compliments when i use this stuff than when it's clean, and i just laugh inside, knowing how "dirty" it really is. :)

  2. I bought some Suave dry shampoo at a friend's suggestion, and maybe I'm using it wrong, but it doesn't seem to work very well for me. Maybe I need to give it another try.

    1. hmmm, bummer! maybe it's the brand? I don't know...I've only tried these ones so far. I tend to only spray my roots, where my hair would appear most oily. Let it sit for a second, then rub it around with your fingers, and then brush it out. If you put it all over it gets a little gritty. Hope it works better for you!


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