August 22, 2012


Since moving into our new home, I've been itching to start composting.  I hate throwing away veggie scraps, or things that have gone bad.  Mike and I decided we'd rather have some sort of a tumbler than do the pile method, but hadn't been looking really all that hard for one.  They all seem so expensive! 
Where I work, we sell one type of tumbling composter, but it was more than I really wanted to spend.  The other night, right at closing time, I caught sight of a composter that had been returned, and the box was in pretty bad shape.  Anyway, after some talk with a manager, I got a deal on this little gem below!  I'm sooo excited!!!
Mike put it together a few days later, and I put it to use right away.  There were some tomatoes and lettuce in our fridge that had gone bad, and I added a little dirt, dry leaves, and lint (more than what you see in this photo, because I then swept our back patio clean of all the dry leaves and stuffed them in).
Here are some photos of a little prep work I did on some fruit and veggies earlier this week.  I like to cut everything up after grocery shopping, so I will actually eat it throughout the week without it taking too much time if I'm in a hurry.  Plus I had a ton of scraps and peelings to add to my new composter! :)
With all of this prep work, I was starting to run out of containers to put things in.  Then I remembered the housewarming gift that my in-laws Rick and Char got Mike and I; Rubbermaid containers!  Yay!  Thank you Char, they are so nice!

I love having all this fresh produce ready and waiting in the fridge.  It makes it easy and inexcusable for me to pack my lunches, and make some super good sandwiches and smoothies!  I'm trying to quit eating out, and eat the healthy food that I buy at the grocery store. 

This made me think, why don't I try to pack my work lunch every day for the next month?  I'm tired of spending extra money every day on little food items here and there; a tea here, a coffee there...etc. etc.  So far, it's been two days... :)  I'll keep you informed on how I do, and maybe share some of my lunch combos (although I'm sure they'll be pretty similar for the most part; it may vary from week to week though depending on my shopping).

What about you guys?  Do you eat out a lot, or do you brown bag it?


  1. yay composter! I am going to get one when I have a place.

  2. Because I live in a national park, being a "greeny" is kind of expected. So the municipality has compost bins alongside the garbage bins in each neighbourhood in town. That way, people can take their trash to the dumpster down the road along with their compost. I had never actually been into composting until I moved here. There's just no excuse not to do it now that it's so darn easy.

    1. We went camping in Canada last year for our wedding anniversary, and I was so amazed by those roadside recycle bins! I'm so jealous!

  3. You are very welcome. Glad you like them. I am very jealous by the way of your composter. Its looks really nice. Looks like we might be going to Lowes soon. :)


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