August 02, 2012

cat-egory~ poo

Okay, I will make this short and sweet, since not all of y'all have cats.  I try not to overdo it on the cats (well, not really) because I know some of y'all are cat haters.  I actually used to hate them as well, but turns out I only did because my entire family did, and it was just the thing to do.  Now I have three lovely furry feline friends that I love very much!  (soon to be four furry critters! dun-dun-duuuun....of a different species though, yup!  Mike and I are looking for a dog!  I'll keep you posted on that note.)

The topic at hand is cat litter.  Before we got cats, I did a bit of research to figure out what type of food and litter I'd want my cats to use.  I knew for sure I did not want my cats using clay litter, for their health and mine, and for the love of the earth.  Click here for a list of reasons you shouldn't use it.

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I started out using Feline Pine, (a sawdust of sorts) which is good for the earth, but super annoying because it's so light it gets tracked all over your house and stuck to the bottom of your socks.  Then our friends told us they use World's Best Cat Litter, a litter made from corn.  It claims to be "pet, people, and planet friendly."  Click here for the FAQs.
World's Best Cat Litter
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A little bit of what I've learned from trying their different types:
The clumping formula works best for me.  I tried the multi-cat formula, which you would think would work better, since I have three cats and one litter box, but it actually didn't.  I can't smell the box when I use the standard clumping formula, and I could with the multi....strange, but true.  So I stick to the good old black and green bag.
I've also tried the scented, which is fine, but it's a pretty powerful lavender smell.  The cats were a bit weirded out by it, but still used it fine.  I just don't find it necessary to have that super flowery smell when there's nothing to cover up.

I guess this isn't as short as I had intended....just a side story for you to close....

Our landlord from our last apartment was impressed when she would come in to show the place to prospective renters, because she couldn't smell our litter box.  She asked what type of litter we used, and she later told me she tried with her elderly, picky cat who kept going outside of the box, and it worked!  She was very pleased as well. :)  If you have any questions about it, hit me up!

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