July 20, 2012

the latest and nearest happenings

Hello lovely readers!  I've been gone for longer than my liking, but here I am, back in internet world after being unhooked for a bit during our move.  Soon I will be gone for a spell again though, vacationing with my loves.  Mike and I have our 6 year anniversary coming up on Sunday!  Woohoo!  We're stealing the weekend for oursleves, and going to enjoy each other, and hopefully find something fun to do.  When we get back, Cedar Point and the Michigan Brewer's Guild beer festival with friends it is!  I will try and pop in between events and update you on what's happening.

Here are a few photos from life lately....

  1. We live very near (dangerously near) a brand new Dunkin' Donuts~  coffee and an Oreo Crumble donut.
  2. Tied a ribbon to the hairtie on my wrist to watch it blow in the breeze while riding in the car...had a fever at the time, and it was something peaceful to gaze at.
  3. Frozen blueberries and coffee for breakfast.
  4. Yoda in the midst of one of her pent-up-energy-release moments
  5. Brainstorming ideas for our anniversary.
  6. Olive loves our large front window at our house....watching birds fly by.
  7. Cat-people statues on our mantle.
 Now I must stop procrastinating, and wash some dishes and unpack a few more boxes.  Have a sweetsweet Friday people! 



  1. Oh, sweetie, is your fever gone? You need to be well for celebrating your anniversary! Congrats once again to you & Mikey! <3

    P.S. Don't even tell me how good that donut was! :P

    1. yah, it's gone now. It was so weird...I was fine all day at work, it just came on when I got home and into the night, but I was better the next morning! So strange. Thank you! We should have a good time! :)


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