July 28, 2012

summer love

We are home sweet home from our four day vacation with friends.  It was a great time!  It's always good to be home after a vacation though, no matter how good of a time was had.  Plus this time we had our new home to come back to.   I missed our feline children, but the were well taken care of thanks to my parents popping in on them so they did not wither up whilst we were gone!

Our holiday started before dawn on Wednesday morning.  Packing our luggage, food and our temporary homes (aka- tents), we hit the road around 5:30am for Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  We arrived earlier than expected, so we had a little time to browse a drugstore and get a bite to eat, while still making it to the park by opening at 10:00am.

The rides were amazing as usual!  We all love the thrill of the coast. :)  I'm so so happy that Michael discovered his love of roller coasters two years ago so we can enjoy this new tradition.

A view of the coasters and setting sun at the end of the day
Sarah and Mike with our tent
Hannah and Steve with their tent

The next day we went to an adorable coffee shop for breakfast.  We were looking for something other than the norm (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.) for coffee, and were told about Mr. Smith's Coffee House by the friendly folks at the welcome center in Ohio.

Hannah and I both had the special, "S'mores Javalanche," a frozen bit of deliciousness. Perfect for the muggy day.

We actually had the whole day to kill, since we left a day early due to weather (didn't want it to rain on our (roller coaster) parade.  We ended up antiquing, walking out by Lake Erie, visiting two wineries, and seeing a movie before settling into camp for some wine and s'mores.
I had to put a quarter in this machine when I saw it.  Turns out you can see Cedar Point from where we were, and watch the cars go up and down!  Look reeeeally hard, and you can see the coasters in the distance.


Our vacation ended (well, almost....Monday it's back to work) with the Summer Michigan Brewer's Guild Beer Festival in Ypsilanti yesterday.  I have no pictures of this event, since we'd been camping and my phone was just about dead.  Plus I didn't want the rain on the horizon to saturate my phone.  That too, was very enjoyable, and we got to try some good (and bad) beers.

Good to be back folks!  What have you been up to this summer, or what do you have planned yet?

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