July 11, 2012

signing day

                  Mike and I are officially homeowners!!!

I did not take pictures of the actual signing; there wasn't much to photograph, and it was a bit formal for photography.  We signed a lot of stuff, but not as much as I was expecting I guess.  It was probably about 30 different things...not too bad.

Here are our keys right after our realtor Paul gave them to us. :)  We had to swing by our apartment right after things were over, and when we went to the house for the first time, I was disappointed to find that they had already ripped the for sale sign out of the yard (it was there this morning!).  I was really hoping for a big ol' "SOLD" sign to be posted on top for a while, but ah, I'm happy anyway. :)

Mike filling out an application to put our names under the water bill at City Hall.
exciting stuff folks.

I chewed on some quarter machine gum while I waited...

Theeeen, we hung out at our new house for a while, checking stuff out.  Mike's figuring out how to use our stove.

Thank you, people, for leaving this Corona in the fridge!  I was very thirsty!

eeep!  Can't wait to move in on Friday!  Hoping our cats do ok with the move, and our upcoming vacation where we will have to leave them for a week! :/

Catchya later!


  1. Nice narative Sarah, " enjoyed it. ...Jim C.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I imagine you've mentally moved everything where it's going to be, but it will be fun to actually DO it on Friday! See you then ~ love ya!
    P.S. Didn't that gum cost just 1 cent back in the day?! Wow, inflation!

    1. Thanks Mom! We're excited to move in and to show you around! We're there right now, working on some stuff. :) see you tomorrow!!

  3. So exciting! Although, that stove worries me ... does it not have a top? Haha

    1. Haha! I know, it does look sketchy like this! It does have a top though, don't worry...Mike was just trying to find out how to turn it on, and he had to light a few pilot lights underneath.


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